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Jumping In

Quickest Start

          If you’ve just arrived at this site, and you’re looking for something quick to help you de-stress, relax, or wake up (something other than coffee or a cigarette) we’ve made it really easy for you.  

          All you have to do is click on the image below, and we’ll lead you through some slow deep breathing.  

          Or, if you just feel like watching a relaxing image, hearing some relaxing music, and breathing on your own without guidance, click here:

           If you found either of those videos helpful, we invite you to click on the links below to be guided through some of the other techniques we teach on this site.

Guided Ocean Breathing Audio

Guided Abdominal Breathing Audio

 (when you use these two breathing exercises with other techniques,
those techniques become more powerful)

Breathing Video with Breath Holding 

 Breathing Video With 2:1 Breathing 
(exhalation twice as long as inhalation)

Breathing with Words

Quick Start

          The easiest way to use our site – one that requires very little reading – is to find a technique or two that you like and use it whenever you feel the need. 

          There are several ways you can learn a technique:

  • Listen to an audio that guides you through it (these will be available in our Store)
  • Read a brief description of it on the Bare Bones Techniques page
  • Read a more detailed description of it in the Techniques section of the site (pages of this section are listed in the Site Index)
  • Watch a video (for a few of the techniques) that guides you through it  (videos are listed in the Site Index)

          We’ve provided the Site Index as a quick way for you to find whatever you’re looking for on the site.   

          The more often and more regularly you practice the techniques, the more effective and long-lasting the benefits will be. 

For Stronger and More Lasting Results

          It’s true that you can get satisfying results - such as feeling more relaxed, more energized, less depressed, less nervous, more connected to the people in your life - by using these techniques once in a while.

          However, if you’re interested in making a major and lasting change in your life, you’ll probably need to practice on a regular basis.

          If you‘d like help creating a more structured program, there will be some suggestions for how to do that on the How to Create a Program to Use the Techniques to Change Your Life page (coming soon). 

(If you like the idea of a program, but would prefer having one created for you, in the next few months we’ll be having e-courses available in our Store to help you accomplish a variety of different goals.)