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Gandhi's Sandal

         “What did Gandhi do when he lost his sandal?  

          Without hesitation, he grabbed the other sandal off his other foot and threw it back down the tracks toward the one that had fallen.

          Other passengers, observing his action were perplexed. “Why,” they asked him, “did you do that?” 

          Gandhi replied, "At least now if a poor person finds his way across my shoe he will soon come across its mate and end up with a good pair of shoes.”

(Keep in mind that at the time, for most Indians, a pair of good shoes would cost the equivalent of about a month’s salary.)

          Many years of practice living in the core – in fact, a daily practice of meditation and self-study – led Gandhi to the point where his personality was so well-integrated, his MPFC so well-developed, its qualities of self-awareness, self-regulation, response flexibility, and empathy so highly cultivated, that acting with compassion was not a conscious, carefully thought-out process. Rather, it was simply the spontaneous expression of living a life of balance and acting from the core.