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Creative Visualization
Preview of the Day Exercise

          Take a moment to get yourself into a relaxed, heart-centered state by breathing into and out from your heart and evoking a positive emotion. (See the page on Heart-Centering for more detailed instructions.)

          Now take about a minute or two to briefly imagine yourself going through the day ahead in this heart-centered state.  See yourself in each activity or situation as vividly as you can, remaining calm and connected to the positive feeling in your heart.

          If you anticipate being in any difficult or challenging situations, spend an extra moment focusing on those situations, and seeing yourself in a positive, open-hearted state.

          You can also use this exercise at any point in your day to visualize whatever next activity or activities you’ll be experiencing.

         Doing this exercise on a regular basis is a powerful way to rewire your brain for greater well-being, happiness, and harmonious connection to others.  When you also do the Review of the Day exercise, the effect becomes even more powerful.

          For an understanding of how these exercises work, see the pages on Creative Visualization - An Introduction and Mental Imagery.