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Creative Visualization
An Introduction

The "Grooves" in Your Brain

          Every time you experience stress, it leaves an impression in your brain – much like the groove in an old LP record album (that’s “long playing record album”, for you those of you who are too young to remember them).  Once the impression of stress is there, it makes it more likely you’ll experience the same or a similar kind of stress in the future.

          On the other hand, every time you experience well-being, it leaves an impression of well-being in your brain, making it more likely you’ll experience a similar kind of well-being in the future.

          Interestingly, the same thing happens when you simply imagine something stressful, or imagine having an experience of well-being.  Whatever you imagine leaves the same kind of impression on your brain as the actual experience would.

Choosing Your Groove

          The two exercises that follow are designed to shift the balance of impressions in your brain to favor an experience of more joy, meaning, and harmonious connection to others in your life.  They do this by increasing and strengthening the life-enhancing grooves or impressions, and at the same time, decreasing the number and strength of stress-related ones.

          The Preview of the Day exercise has you start your day by creating impressions of ease, balance and well-being that will make it easier for you to experience those things as you go through the day.

          The Review of the Day exercise helps to neutralize any negativity in your day by replacing the negative impressions it made on your brain with more positive ones.