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Using Breathing Videos
To Train Your Brain and Transform Your Life

          It’s very useful to read through the pages of the site to understand how your brain works and how you can train it to change your life - but without an actual practice, that knowledge alone is not likely to be powerful enough to do the job.  

          Our intention in creating these breathing videos has been to support you in making practice an integral part of your life (or to reinforce the practice you already have).

          The music, images, and guided instructions are all designed to help you focus your mind, open your heart, and anchor your attention at the calm center of your awareness.  If you use them as a break once or several times during the course of your day, you will be strengthening the parts of your brain that help you to stay calm and focused, to be more effective at what you do, and to be more resilient in the face of challenging circumstances.  

Basic Instructions for Using the Breathing Videos 

Written Version of the Instructions

  • Be in a comfortable, relaxed position, and let your breathing be smooth and gentle.  
  • Listen through headphones or earbuds.
  • Watch in full screen.  
  • If you're using a laptop, you'll be more relaxed if the screen is at eye level.
  • Use "ocean breathing" which you can learn from the audio track below:

          Ocean Breathing

To learn about the benefits of using the breathing videos, click here.