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Benefits of Using Breathing Videos

Strengthen Your Mid-Prefrontal Cortex (MPFC)

As you strengthen your MPFC, you develop greater self-awareness and can more easily regulate your moods and energy level.  You'll be freer from automatic reactions that can be counter-productive, and better able to respond to people and circumstances with greater wisdom, more compassion, and in ways that are ultimately more effective.  And you'll feel more deeply connected to others.  These are all capacities that are associated with having a well-developed MPFC.

(We'll be developing e-courses that will guide you step-by-step in using the videos and techniques on this site to strengthen your MPFC.)

Develop Your Heart-Brain

Your heart brain works together with your MPFC to bring balance and harmony to the different parts of your brain, your nervous system, body, mind, and emotions.   As you develop your heart-brain, you naturally begin to respond to people and situations with greater wisdom, kindness, and effectiveness.

(We think you'll find that the images and music in some of the breathing videos will be particularly effective for opening your heart and generating positive emotions.)

Live More From Your Core

The more you develop your MPFC and heart-brain, the more you'll feel as though you have a core of calm, ease, strength, and contentment inside you - and - that you can access and draw on it in increasingly challenging situations.

Develop Your Capacity for Mindfulness

The breathing videos can help to relax your body, and bring calm and focus to your mind.  This is an excellent preparation for mindfulness meditation in which you practice observing your thoughts, feelings, and sensations from a center of calm, non-judgmental awareness. 

(We will also be developing guided meditation videos that will more specifically teach mindfulness skills.

Lower Your Blood Pressure

Research shows that some people can bring their blood pressure down to healthy levels just by doing 15 minutes of 2:1 breathing, four times a week.  You can practice 2:1 breathing with our 2:1 Breathing videos and then practice on your own (5-minute versions of the videos will also be available in our store.)

Reduce All Kinds of Pain

As you breathe along with the videos, you may find that if you also focus on relaxing during each exhalation, you'll experience some relief from the pain.  

(We will be developing an e-course on how you can use breathing, relaxation, mindfulness, and other techniques to reduce pain.)

More Easily Develop Healthier 
Eating, Exercise, and Sleep Habits

It’s relatively easy to learn the basic principles of healthy habits just by doing a quick search on the web.  The hard thing is putting them to use.  

The most effective way to help yourself actually do the things you want to do for your health, is to strengthen your mid-prefrontal cortex or  “MPFC” for short.  (The MPFC is the part of the brain that gives you the ability to resist temptation and follow through on your goals.)  Using the breathing videos on a regular basis is a good way to start strengthening your MPFC.