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 The Brain Pages
An Overview

        The Brain pages will . . .

  • Provide you with a basic understanding of how your brain works when it's in balance and when it's out of balance

  • Help you understand what keeps your brain from being in balance

  • Explain how an unbalanced brain creates stress and suffering in your life

  • Show you the power you have to train your brain to bring it back into balance

           You might be tempted to jump in and start learning the techniques right away. And you can certainly do that, but most people find that knowing what’s happening in their brain when they use a technique motivates them to practice, and helps them better understand how to do the technique properly so that it can be more effective.

          Below are brief descriptions of what you’ll find on each of the Brain Pages:

  • On the Your Amazing Brain page, we provide several metaphors to give you a sense of what life can be like when your brain is in balance – an experience we refer to as living from a core of calm, ease, and contentment. We also introduce you to a special part of your brain called the mid-prefrontal cortex, or MPFC.  A well-developed MPFC is the key to having a well-balanced brain that can connect you to your core.

  • On the Brain Anatomy page, we provide a very basic overview of the different parts of your brain. This will help you understand more specifically how these various parts create difficulty and suffering when they’re in conflict, and create happiness and well-being when they’re in harmony.

  • On the page we call The Core, we describe how through mindful, heartful attention – which activates your MPFC  – you can balance your brain and body, and experience what we call "the core".  The "core" is an experience of calmness at the center of your awareness that is potentially available even in the midst of stress and difficulty.  We use the phrase remember to breathe" as a way of reminding you to step back from whatever you’re involved in to allow yourself a taste of that core.

  • On the Capacities of the MPFC page, you’ll get a more in-depth understanding of the uniquely human capacities the MPFC makes available – the capacities which make it possible for you to experience a stable inner core of calm, ease, and contentment as you navigate your way through this modern, high-stress, complex world. 

  • On the Brain Integration pages, we define more fully what we mean by integration – that is, the various ways that the parts of your brain  can work together harmoniously to create physical, mental, and emotional well-being, connect to your core, and ultimately help you live a balanced and purposeful life. These pages will also help you understand more specifically how the various techniques you’re learning will help to integrate your brain.

  • On the Train Your Brain pages, we provide an overview of techniques you can use to train your brain, all of which can create greater happiness and well-being in all areas of your life.  We also present some fascinating research that shows just how much your brain is capable of change, and how much power you have to change it in a way that can bring about dramatic changes to your life.