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The Site in a Nutshell:
The Most Important Page

           So, why do we call it The Most Important Page?

           People often use techniques of the kind we have on this site with the idea of improving their own individual well-being.

          Ironically, it turns out that one of the most powerful ways to improve your “own” physical and psychological well-being, is to develop a caring connection to others.          

          That’s why The Most Important Page is the one that strongly suggests you seek out and offer support to others who are interested in making changes that are similar to the ones you wish to make.  When you do that, caring and connection become an integral part of learning the techniques. And it will greatly increase your chances of actually making and sustaining the changes you seek.

        One of the greatest sources of suffering in our modern world is the widespread breakdown of community – our lack of connection to the people around us.  

        So building a support system does more that just improve our chances for success in a particular change endeavor.  When we reach out to others, we’re helping to create a world in which well-being can more easily thrive. 

        But perhaps the single greatest source of suffering in this world is our lack of connection to our own inner core.  The beauty of using these techniques to connect to your core is that when youre're connected to your core, you naturally feel more connected to others as well.   

       You can even help other people to connect to their core when they’re unable to do it themselves.  When you’re connected to your core of calm, ease, and compassion, you naturally radiate those qualities to all those around you.